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A+ Grade Plastic Card

A+ Grade Plastic Card

What is A plus grade plastic card?A plus grade card can be called "Luxury version" plastic card. First, unlike standard card, this grade is printed by HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 52. Follow...

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What is A plus grade plastic card?

A plus grade card can be called "Luxury version" plastic card. 

First, unlike standard card, this grade is printed by HEIDELBERG Speedmaster SM 52. Following we have attached brief intro from it's manufactuer:

The Speedmaster SM 52 - Ideal to Meet the Growing, Ever-Changing Needs of the Market. To meet the particular needs of our customers, the Speedmaster SM 52 comes in a selection of models ranging from one-color to eight-color. When ordered as a four-, five- or six-color press, it can also be fitted with an inline coating unit or an Inline Diecutting unit. All design features, the prepress link and the Prinect CP2000 Center have been geared to practical needs and usage over a broad spectrum of applications. The Speedmaster SM 52 sets the standard in its format class. 

This machine is from Germany and use Alcohol Moisten Plate. The colour reproduction and duration is better than ordinary machine printed card.

Second, we use the A plus grade pvc material for the card base and best quality steel plate when laminating the card. So the card lifetime is extened from 3years to more than 5years. The card surface is very smooth and expensive hand feeling. 

Third, we make 120% of the order quantity and only pickout the best 100% for our client.

Who need A plus grade plastic card?

Give value for value, if your service or products is targeted to high-end market or you need something to bulid your business image and impress your clients with a different taste. Then a top quality plastic card is what you need.

Why price is so much higher than standard card?

1. Printing machine price is higher. Also the maintaining and machine operating cost is higher too.

2. Other printing machine use Water Moisten Plate but SM52 use Alcohol Moisten Plate. Alcohol is much more expensive and evaporable.

3. Different raw meterial.

4. We make 120% of the order quantity and only pickout the best 100% for our client.

QuantityPriceShipping/DHL (3-4days)

Spec: CR80 3.375" x 2.125" Thickness: 30 MIL (85.5mm X 54mm Thickness:760micron) 

Shipping cost is for USA, other country please contact sales. 

We are now shipping our plastic cards to many countries worldwide.
Shipping cost can be lower if you don't mind 10-15day shipping time.  

Using the online track & trace system you can monitor the progress 
of your shipment no matter where you are in the world.

For A+ Grade, we have different card stock options:

0.84mm ultra thick plastic card


Black stock card (Black card edge)

Brushed silver stock

Brushed gold stock

Hologram stock

For accurate price and shipping rate, please Email us or submit contact from at the buttom of the page. Our service team will carry on and take care of all your needs.

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