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The Basic Information Of The Smart Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

   Smart card: a generic name for a plastic card with a microchip embedded (usually a credit card size). Some smart cards contain a microelectronics chip that requires data exchange through the reader. Smart cards are equipped with CPU, RAM and I / O, can handle a large number of data without interfering with the work of the host CPU.Smart Card

    The smart card also filters out the wrong data to reduce the burden on the host CPU. Adapt to the number of ports and communication speed more demanding occasions. The IC's integrated circuits include a central processing unit CPU, a programmable read-only memory EEPROM, a random access memory RAM, and a card operating system COS that is solidified in a read-only memory ROM. The data in the card is divided into external read and internal processing.Smart Card

    "Smart card" is based on IC card technology as the core, to computer and communication technology as a means of intelligent building within the various facilities connected into an organic whole, the user through an IC card can complete the usual key, capital settlement , Attendance and some control operations, such as lC card to open the door, IC card dining, shopping, entertainment, meetings, parking, patrol, office, fees and other services.

    And do not have to carry more than the previous heavy key to open the door, to the corresponding departments to pay and other complicated operations. The whole system can monitor and manage the departments according to their needs. The local systems and terminals can automatically summarize the collected information for system query, aggregation, statistics, management and decision-making.Smart Card

    Through the IC card can communicate with each other, both to meet the independence of the various functions of management, but also to ensure the consistency of the overall management. From different occasions can be divided into: campus smart card, cell smart card, office building smart card, corporate smart card, the hotel smart card, intelligent building smart card and so on. According to the card type can be divided into: IC card (the most widely used), ID card (step out), CPU card (development trend).Smart Card

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