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Plastic Card Actually Become A Criminal Technology Means?
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 09, 2017

    Recently, there have been many cases of burglary in the country, and it is strange that the doors of the stolen citizens were intact and the doors and windows did not leave traces of being pryed, but the property at home was stolen from the stolen citizens Home lock hole, have found a plastic sheet.Plastic Card

    Experienced tricks as long as the use of this thin, do not have 1 minute to open the ordinary security door. The 7-shaped plastic sheet, is this little tool, may make you go bankrupt. Let's take a look at a few cases!

Haikou a man with plastic sheet opened to steal million gold

Wu Moumou came to Haikou City, Longhua District, a small area of the West for an opportunistic crime, he used a small plastic piece to break six security doors, only a "7" shaped plastic inserts, more than 10 seconds will be able to open the anti- Men Deng Tang into the room to implement theft, less than 3 days 6 cases. Wu Moumou was arrested after the police. Such examples are numerous! Thin plastic sheet really so "magic"? Let's take a look at the tests of the professionals! Unlock only a few seconds, the professionals said that this "7" -shaped tool on the door damage is very small, almost no trace after opening the door. "7" shaped plastic film mainly on the old anti-theft door or wooden doors, iron doors on the single-door lock is particularly effective, is simply spike.Plastic Card

    Theft of veteran with a "7" type plastic inserts can be easily unlocked in ten seconds. The production process is too simple, "to do '7' shaped tools, experts can draw." Professionals take a slightly soft plastic sheet, cut with scissors "7" shape. He will slowly insert the plastic sheet into the lock model, while the force upward hook, while slightly shaking the handle, only 4 seconds lock was opened. With an empty cola bottle, scissors "pinch head to the end" after the made "7" shaped, holding a lock into the model within the lock, still can open the lock.Plastic Card

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