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A Variety Of Metal Card Connection
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 11, 2017

Mechanical connection method: metal buckle fixed in the two joints, through the pin, so that the two heads connected. Features: simple operation speed, removable, but the strength is low, only the original band strength of 30% to 60%, the joints at the poor flexibility, easy to damage the drum and other pieces, vibration, noise, leakage and so on.Metal Card

Cold adhesive method: with a specific adhesive will be stripped of the two head bonding, bonding to fully roll, put more than two hours, the same operation and hot sticky. Features: no leakage, noise, vibration, no expensive equipment, but the drawback is the low connection strength, poor reliability, can only be used in the limited temperature, low safety requirements and generally wear the case, not applicable wire rope Core conveyor belt.Metal Card The vulcanized connection is a modern conveyor belt method. If the connection quality is high, the joint life can be compared with the life of the conveyor belt itself. The joint can be used in any type of core reinforced material. A portable, flat pressure vulcanizing machine is connected to provide the pressure and temperature required for vulcanization or fusion. The construction of the joint has a variety of forms, depending on the structure of the conveyor belt is multi-layer, double, single layer, pvc whole core, or wire rope core.Metal Card Joints, should be used in new rubber, adhesive and mortar, adhesives, their composition and performance must be used in the manufacture of tape materials used. The use of semi-vulcanized rubber and jelly adhesive effect is not good, the connector may be premature rupture, accident occurred. For heat, cold, oil, acid, alkali-resistant flame retardant and other special conveyor belt, should pay attention to the use of the corresponding adhesive, otherwise the joint effect of less than expected results. Joints of the operating place, to be absolutely dry, clean, no dust, can not be exposed, for the wet, you must repeatedly remove the water vapor, if necessary, erected a simple tent. Vulcanization equipment: curing machine, Pa Pei machine, cutting knife and so on. The shortcomings of hot vulcanization: a long time, the cost of large.Metal Card

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