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Advantages Of Plastic Pallets
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 22, 2017

Plastic pallets made of low-pressure high-density polyethylene, polypropylene as raw material, plastic pallets for the characteristics of light, smooth, plastic pallets without nails without assassination, no scarring, plastic pallets tasteless non-toxic, Flushing and disinfection, flame retardant, long service life and other characteristics, plastic pallets suitable for storage, logistics turnover and recycling · floor

* In the corrosion resistance, the plastic card board is the best, followed by plastic wood, steel plate the worst;

* In the resistance to moisture, plastic pallets excellent performance;

* In the resistance to insects on the best, the best card, followed by plastic pallets;

* In terms of average life, steel pallets and plastic pallets are equally well;

* In the card board weight, paper, wooden pallets occupy a certain advantage;

* In the carrying capacity, the best effect of steel pallets; paper card board is poor;

* In the use of performance, plastic and steel pallets are better than paper, wood pallets;

* In the card board prices, wooden pallets have advantages, paper and plastic wood followed by the most expensive steel pallets.

However, due to the actual use, according to different uses, some pallets are difficult to replace other varieties. Such as carrying heavy objects, the steel pallets have their irreplaceable. But overall, plastic, plastic-wood composite and paper card board will be more promising products, which in turn plastic pallets for the best.

Plastic pallets environmental protection, export customs do not have to test certificate.

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