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Analysis Of Plastic Card Form Material
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

Automobiles (dashboard, tool hatch, wheel cover, reflector box, etc.), refrigerators, large strength tools (hair dryers, mixers, food processors, lawn mowers, etc.), telephone shells, typewriter keyboards, recreational vehicles such as golf carts and jet skis. Injection molding Process conditions: Dry treatment: ABS material has hygroscopicity, require drying before processing.Plastic Card 

It is recommended that drying conditions be 80~90c at least 2 hours. The material temperature shall be guaranteed to be less than 0.1%. Melting Temperature: 210~280c; recommended temperature: 245C. Mold Temperature: 25~70c. (Mold temperature will affect the smoothness of the plastic parts, low temperature results in a low finish).Plastic Card

In form, ABS is a non crystalline material. The polymerization of monomers produces ternary copolymers with two phases, one is the continuous phase of styrene-acrylonitrile and the other is the dispersed phase of polybutadiene rubber. The characteristics of ABS mainly depend on the ratio of three monomers and the molecular structure of the two phases. This allows for a great deal of flexibility in product design, and thus produces hundreds of different quality ABS materials on the market.Plastic Card 

These different quality materials provide different characteristics, ranging from medium to high impact resistance, from lower to higher finish and high temperature distortion characteristics. ABS materials have super processability, appearance characteristics, low creep and excellent dimensional stability as well as high impact strength.

Melting Temperature: 230~300c.Plastic Card 

Mold Temperature: 50~100c. Injection pressure: depends on plastic parts. Injection speed: as high as possible. The chemical and physical properties of c/abs have the comprehensive characteristics of both PC and ABS. For example, the easy processing characteristics of ABS and PC excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability. The ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of ABS materials. ABS This mixed material also shows excellent flow characteristics.Plastic Card Injection speed: For the smaller gate use low speed injection, the other type of gate using high-speed injection.

Chemical and Physical properties C is a kind of amorphous engineering material, which has particularly good impact resistance, thermal stability, gloss, inhibition of bacterial properties, flame retardancy and anti-pollution properties. The shrinkage rate is very low, generally 0.1%~0.2%.Plastic Card 

The PC has good mechanical properties, but the flow characteristics are poor, so the injection process of this material is more difficult. When choosing the quality of the PC material, the product's final expectations as the benchmark. If the plastic parts require a high impact resistance, then use a low flow rate of the PC material, conversely, can use a high flow rate of the PC material, this can optimize the injection process.Plastic Card

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