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Application And Development Status Of Diecut Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

     Smart Wallet anti-theft Alarm card can be used in various shapes of purses and bags, when the goods were stolen, issued a strong sound alarm, remind the owner. The ultra-thin design can be inserted in the wallet like a credit card. Anti-Theft card features: This product uses optical control sensor integrated circuit chip design and production, casual use in various shapes of purses and bags, is the wallet and luggage protection God, ultra-thin design, like credit card inserted in the wallet, when the goods stolen, issued a strong sound alarm, remind the owner, The replacement battery is convenient: push-pull type battery door. Dual battery power: The current market on the unique anti-theft card, alarm to get the volume increase. This wallet anti-theft alarm card and the market Wallet anti-theft alarm card is different, its photosensitive sensitivity can be adjusted, and is the dual-cell design effectively solve the market on other ultra-thin anti-theft alarm card sound small problem.Diecut Card
     According to the Social Survey, at present, in people's lives, the use of wallets is the highest, in the city basically 90% of people are using wallets, and even many children have wallets, but the wallet is stolen and lost is often, not only to the people to cause money loss, sometimes a lot of important documents are also lost, to people bring countless trouble, so a good product came out, who is not willing to spend dozens of yuan to buy their own insurance ah, according to a middle city 3 million population, 5% people to buy our anti-theft card , there are 150,000 of them, and a lot of insurance companies that make gifts, China Telecom, banks and other enterprises, at least 200,000/years, there are surrounding cities, there is also this smart Anti-Theft card can also be used in luggage, affixed to the mobile phone, hanging on valuables, can play the role of anti-theft protection.Diecut Card
     Gas meter anti-theft card buckle surface can be played Anti-false code company name "Private demolition illegal" and other text. 2, this product for one-time products, color has yellow, blue, etc., can also be customized according to customer needs color. 3, a variety of specifications, can be OEM. 4, Gas meter anti-theft card buckle can be equipped with one-time blockade use, better results, higher safety factor. Gas meter anti-theft buckle can be equipped with one-time blockade use, higher safety!Diecut Card

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