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Application Of Paper Card And Machinery
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

     Sandwich double paper Blister packaging machine is mainly used for PVC, PET, PETG, EVA, AGA, APET, PU, TPU or PVC content in more than 20% of any soft and hard plastic materials, as well as leather, leather, cloth, composite plastic, mirror leather, artificial leather, composite leather, Composite fabrics such as materials for other special purpose products can be produced and processed, processing methods are: welding, heat, sealing, embossing, welding, fusing and so on. At the same time can also be polyester, hydrogen, cotton, flocking cloth, sweaters, denim embossed.Paper Card

     Can be based on the nature of plastic, plastic materials, add a stepless heating device system, mainly for the surface of the mold heating, temperature can be adjusted according to the needs of the product to adjust the corresponding heating temperature. The effect is to protect the high-frequency tube due to excessive current caused by unnecessary tube burnout.

Widely used: pure PVC, PET or PVC content of 20% or more plastic heat, leather leather heat, or cloth type of heat, other special purpose materials can be processed. Leather-Clothing fabrics-and automotive foot pads, door mats and other professional equipment. Also used for a variety of environmentally-friendly blister (APET, PETG, GAG), PVC (PVC)-oriented plastic fusion, welding, bronzing and so on.Paper Card

     Blister packaging (including upper and lower double bubble hood Gehece edge, bubble cover and cardboard Gehece edge), car interior parts, cars car lamps, sports equipment, communication equipment, trademarks, stationery, raincoats, inflatable toys, plastic cover, cool liquid mat, footwear products, cushion, all kinds of packaging bags, portable soft bags, mobile phone, heating bag, such as hot-melt bonding with cutting edge processing , a variety of concave and convex pattern patterns, letter words suppressed. The installation of simple devices can also be bronzing processing.Paper Card

    Features: Can be quickly on a variety of PVC material embossing effect embossing pattern operation. The pattern is clear, the bump effect is obvious. Inverter heating. Over-current protection system: Automatic over-current protection system. Strong-type head, pressure can be adjusted at will. Toys stationery Industry category of high-frequency welding such as: gift bags, basketball embossing, photo albums, business cards inside the page, the welding, mouse pads, mirror boxes, such as solder embossing.Paper Card

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