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Development Status Of Metal Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 03, 2017

     VIP card, scorecard, discount card, password card, access control card, parking card, gift card ... the status of a variety of cards have slowly infiltrated into people's lives. Business card printing, has been more and more people attach importance to and find. As the demand for the market rises and the business card printing enterprises have not imagined the scenery. Peer vicious competition, market share of excessive segmentation, enterprise costs continue to rise, profits have been shrinking. Let many formal business card printing enterprises to complain. Business Card printing industry's huge market: a lot of people will have such a sigh: "unknowingly found in the wallet has more than 10 of various cards, the first is their frequent use of the bank card, bus card." There are major shopping malls and supermarkets, membership cards, fitness halls and beauty salons of the year card, together with other commercial chain of VIP card, "Metal Card
     Due to the needs of market competition, customer management This aspect is more and more business attention, in order to improve the customer's heads, major businesses have issued a large number of VIP cards, membership cards, scorecard, gift cards and so on, there are gold cards, silver card, Diamond card and other grades of distinction, and even some companies in order to differentiate, the business card and company personnel documents have also made PVC card, other enterprises and institutions, also introduced a canteen dining card, campus one card, the company card such as cards to improve management efficiency, Plus Medicare cards, Social Security cards, a variety of bank cards, credit cards, water cards, electric cards and so on, cards have penetrated the lives of people in every industry. The "Regular Army and Basterds" of business card enterprises Metal Card
     Because of the huge demand for cards, the emergence of a large number of business card printing Enterprises, Baidu Search business card printing, you will find a large number of business card printing company, but it is these active companies, really have their own factories, workshops, equipment and workers, can only occupy about 20% of the share, nearly 80% of the "business card printing Enterprise" is actually only business card printing intermediaries or just have the primary business card printing equipment small companies. These companies are actually composed of several people, they through advertising, network promotion to receive orders, and then lower prices to 20% of the entity factory to produce. In order to rob the market, these companies offer even lower-than-physical factories. Prices are lower than solid factories, how do these small companies survive? In general, the cost and quantity of business card printing is inversely proportional, the more the quantity, the lower the cost. and business card printing time used in the material, ink, card surface attached to the plastic film, the latter part of the process of special landscaping card can choose cheap materials or high-quality materials. Small companies usually join together to bring orders together and then order them to the entity factories, so they have a part of the difference. In addition, the material and production process to shrink, thereby further reducing prices. In addition they do not need to rent the plant, without the purchase of expensive business card printing equipment, and even the office does not need to rent, only business on the line, such "Basterds" consumers are difficult to identify, but also because of the involvement of these small companies, so that real factories have suffered huge losses. Even some small companies have written the price very clearly on the company's web site, seriously misleading consumers. Behind these quotes are products that have been severely shrunk. In comparison, the real business card printing business offers poor quality.Metal Card

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