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Diecut Card Powerful Features And Market Prospects
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

   Smart wallet burglar alarm card can be used in a variety of shapes of wallet and luggage, when the items were stolen, issued a strong sound alarm, to remind the owner. Ultra-thin design, like a credit card inserted in the wallet. :1. Anti-theft alarm card in the upper left corner there is a set of sensitivity and shutdown switch, when the light is too strong, into the pocket also alarm, the switch can be set to "low" position, under normal circumstances are set to "high" If you remove your wallet yourself, set the switch to the "OFF" position. 2. Put the card into the wallet, remember to sensor the sensor to the outside, to avoid the wallet fell or stolen not alarm phenomenon.Diecut Card

3. When replacing the battery, open a button (with a battery mark), place the battery side (see "+" mark down), the other side up, the battery socket to the right, save in the dry, room temperature, in. The battery life is within one to two years.

    According to social surveys, at present, in people's lives, the use of wallet is the highest, in the city basically 90% of people use wallet, and even many children have a wallet, Diecut Card but the wallet was stolen and lost is common, Not only to the people caused the loss of money, and sometimes a lot of important documents are lost, to bring countless trouble, so a good product come out, who do not want to spend tens of dollars to buy insurance ah, according to a Intermediate city 3 million population, 5% of people to buy our security card, there are 150,000, and there are many gifts to do insurance companies, China Telecom, banking and other business units, at least 200,000 / year, also There are the surrounding city, and this smart anti-theft card can also be used in luggage, attached to the phone, hanging on valuables, can play anti-theft anti-lost effect. Imagine how much market potential Diecut Card

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