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How To Avoid Scratching The Plastic Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

     In the card printing will often rub dirty or scratches, especially glossy paper or PVC card, how to overcome this kind of malady has become a number of high-end users unavoidable problem. We as a card printing presses manufacturers are duty-bound, but also for the user's urgent, to seek solutions.Plastic Card

     First of all, analysis of the root causes of the problem: in addition to the vacuum suction paper method of all the way out of the machine there is the above rub dirty or scratched the phenomenon, the main reason is: The next paper pile (card) to the bottom of the card has a certain pressure, The most recent card in the printing drum into the last printing is not dry ink will rub to the back of the previous card; As for the reason, when printed PVC and other hard cards, such as the card behind the Burr, will be on the back of the card scratches;Plastic Card

     On the platform of the paper path, if there are scratches or burrs, the card that is entering is also scratched on the back, the double sheet feed limit plate imports too tightly, and the card that is entering will produce positive and negative scratches; the edge of the pusher surface, such as Burr, may scrape the back of the card on the return trip.Plastic Card

     Out of the paper process. For the card machine without teeth full plate printing features, card in the process of paper and scraper between the scratches are also very headache problems. Take a look at the reason: paper jam and rubber roller sticky force too much, scraper is dirty or with burrs. According to the above analysis, the following list of ways to eliminate or reduce scratches on the dirty. The paper feed process. Carton add card not too much, and try to reduce the pressure, when printing PVC and other hard cards, should first check and place card edge burr;Plastic Card

     Remove all protruding burrs on the platform with fine sandpaper; adjust the inlet clearance of the two-sheet feed limit plate before printing, and use fine sandpaper to repair all burrs on the edge of the paper tray. Out of the paper process. Reduce the viscidity of ink (add the right amount of inking oil; Add the right amount of edible raw powder, avoid printing pressure too large, reduce the number of manual transfer before printing, and then try to scrub the rubber drum when printing, and the amount of water should not be too large; The scraper is often cleaned and the burr on the scraper is repaired with fine sandpaper.Plastic Card

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