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Introduction To Smart Card Chip
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

                  Smart card: A generic term for a plastic card embedded in a microchip (usually the size of a credit card). Some smart cards contain a of RFID chips, so they don't need any physical contact with the reader to identify the cardholder. Smart cards are equipped with CPU and RAM to handle a larger number of data without interfering with the host CPU. Smart cards can also filter incorrect data to reduce the burden on the host CPU. Adapt to the number of ports and the speed of communication requirements of the occasion.Smart Card

                   A smart card is an IC card (Integrated circuit card), depending on the type of chip embedded, IC card can be divided into three categories: 1. Memory card: The IC in the card can be erasable programmable read-only memory EEPROM, it has only data storage function, no data processing ability; The memory card itself has no hardware encryption function, only encrypted on the file, It's easy to crack. 2. Logical encryption Card: The IC in the card includes the cryptographic logic circuit and programmable read-only memory EEPROM, and the encryption logic circuit can protect the data in the card and the card to a certain extent, but it is only low-level protection against malicious attack. 3. Smart Card (CPU Card): The IC in the card includes the CPU of the central processor, programmable read-only memory EEPROM, RAM memory and the internal operating system cos (Chip keyboard-based systems) that are cured in a read-only memory ROM. tab data is divided into external reading and internal processing parts to ensure that the data in the card is safe and reliable.Smart Card

                   IC card is a very standard product, regardless of its appearance, or its internal chip electrical characteristics, and even its application methods are subject to some more stringent protocol control. The basic and most important set of specifications is the ISO/IEC 7816 protocol.This set of protocols not only specifies the mechanical and electrical characteristics of the IC card, but also specifies the application methods of the IC card (especially the smart card) (including many data structures in the COS). In addition to the 7816 agreement, there are a number of more specific agreements in specific areas where IC cards may be applied, such as in China, where the PBOC rules, traffic management systems, and social welfare systems have specific norms.These protocols are established on the basis of the 7816 protocol and are embodied in the 7816 agreement. Of course, the 7816 protocol is not an independent existence (definition), it has a lot of concepts from other related protocol specifications. For example, organizations with some data in the 7816 protocol use "BER-TLV", and the concept of "BER-TLV" is presented in the IEC 8825 ASN. 1 protocol. This shows that the 7816 agreement is not completely heroic, and can adopt the concept of norms of the occasion is not the presumption. This makes the various protocol norms form a strict system.Smart Card

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