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Maintenance Of Paper Card Jam Failure
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2017

            Symptom: A Ricoh 4085 copier which has been used for many years, and the paper jam is almost always in the fixing part, that is inside the fixer. This type of malfunction is getting worse, and at the end of each required card, the copy work cannot be done.Paper Card

            Failure Analysis: Paper jam is a common fault of copiers, the reasons for fixing some of the paper jam are generally the following several. 1. Copy paper before entering the fuser, the transfer of copy paper in the passage of too dirty or there are confetti and other foreign bodies; 2. The Fuser inlet guide plate is deformed, burrs, burrs or mounting position is incorrect; 3. The fixer separates the melon from the stain and deformation; 4. The top and bottom fuser roller pressure is too large, too small or uneven, and the surface is too dirty, so that the copy paper deviation or stuck; 5. Fuser Hot Roller deformation or surface has a phenomenon, resulting in the upper and lower roller contact uneven, so that the copy paper inclined and paperboard 6. Fuser up and down roller pressure cam out of control, motor damage, electronic control circuit failure, transmission system, gears, such as failure caused by paper jam. 7. The front of the fuser is loose, so that the copy paper can not be discharged smoothly and jammed; 8. The paper sensor location is not correct or too dirty, so that it can not produce a normal paper signal and stuck.Paper Card

            Troubleshooting process: First carefully observe the specific parts of the paper jam, and found that each time the copier is stuck in the paper wheel, which can be judged before the fuser roll of the various parts of the possibility of a small problem, however, for the sake of security, or the components were inspected, including Paper Road, Fuser board, up and down fixing roller and separating melon, and so on, and the cleaning maintenance of these components, the parts installed in place after the power-on copy, failure did not eliminate. Again the power-on copy, careful observation found that the top and bottom row paper wheel, contact close, rotation is also very normal. From the above inspection process analysis, the paper-lined sensor is more likely to have problems, the fixing parts out, and the separation and discharge part of the paper Open, the paper sensor to lift the light, found that the sensor and no confetti and other foreign bodies, with cotton ball dipped in a little alcohol to wipe the inside of its clean, the parts installed well, the power-on copy, the fault has been excluded.Paper Card

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