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Metal Card Contains Type
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 01, 2017

             Metal card contains metal gold, metal silver Card, metal membership card, metal VIP cards, metal Buddha card, metal magnetic stripe card, metal bar code card, metal ink card, metal IC card, 18k gold and silver card, 24k gold and silver card series of products, the use of precious metal materials-pure copper or copper and 18K, 24K true gold surface processing, by multi-channel traditional technology and modern advanced technology refined from.Metal Card

            The design thought of the metal magnetic stripe card fuses The modern design thought, and behaves extremely. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with collections, gifts value. Can be used for business gifts, such as gift ads. This kind of Gold Card department selects the high-grade import copper material, after stamping, the corrosion, the electroplating, fills the paint and so on many processes Seiko made. It has a unique relief of three-dimensional and true gold-like color, is the production of high-end VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative card, Calendar card of the first choice of materials.Metal Card

            The kind has electrophoresis spot color bottom series, electrophoresis coloring dot series, gold-plated laser shading series, gold-plated fine dot series, gold-plated sanding shading series, fine dot image series, etc., can also be provided according to customer drawings special design. In addition, this card is also particularly suitable for the production of commemorative, long hidden in a variety of commemorative cards, such as: Wedding, Anniversary, opening, meeting, retirement and other special commemorative, welcome to the major hotels, hotels, clubs to our company.Metal Card

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