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Metal Magnetic Stripe Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

               Metal magnetic stripe Card Production process: the adoption of new technology, design, drawing, wire cutting tooling, stamping, corrosion, printing, polishing, electroplating, fill, drop gum, packaging and so on-line production process. Make artwork requirements: file format: CDR, AI, eps, pdf vector figure 1. Size: There are three kinds of commonly used, 85mmx54mm, 80mmx50mm, 76mmx44mm, can also be produced according to customer requirements of other shapes and sizes of special-shaped cards. 2. Thickness: The commonly used thickness is 0.35mm, also can do 0.25mm, 0.30mm, 0.40mm, 0.50mm, 0.80mm0.1cm, etc. thickness. 3. Color: Contains silk screen three colors, also can do full-color metal card. 4. Lace: Can be selected from the company's lace library, can also be arbitrary design. 5. Shading: Only select (or press the sample card) in the company's shading library. 6. Code: can be divided into printing code (also known as flat code), corrosion convex code, corrosion concave code, playing bump code.Metal Card

                 In the globalization today, the competition between enterprises is becoming hot and white, and the brand effect of enterprises has played an important role. Equipped with a personality high-grade metal business card can highlight the connotation of corporate culture. Give people a good visual atmosphere, is a symbol of identity. Can make each other deeply remember you and your product. Metal Business Card: alloy materials, thin as paper, toughness such as steel, extremely flexible. There are gold, silver, purple, blue, brown and other colors. Another hollow lace type, luxurious large, exquisite lady type. Leisurely novel, personality, gorgeous, high-end. 24k Gold-plated business cards: A variety of colors, lace; Embody identity, status, strength.Metal Card

                Metal magnetic stripe card classification by metal material classification: Metal card contains metal gold, metal silver Card, metal membership card, metal VIP cards, metal Buddha card, metal magnetic stripe card, metal barcode card, metal ink card, metal IC card, 18k gold and silver card, 24k gold and silver card.

                According to the production process and manner classification: Electrophoresis of Spot-color base series, electrophoresis coloring dot series, gold-plated laser shading series, gold-plated fine dot series, gold-plated sanding shading series, fine dot image series.Metal Card

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