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Personalized Introduction To Smart Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

     The next step in the production of the smart card issued to the user is personalization, sometimes called "personalized." The term "personalized" has a broad meaning, meaning that all data given to a particular individual or card has been lost in the smart card. For example, it may be the cardholder's name and address, or it may be a key associated with the card. The only thing that matters is that the data is proprietary to a particular card. The personal characteristics of cards include both electrical and optical elements.Smart Card

     The basic difference between optical and electrical personal is the character of the convex printing, and the use of laser engraving of the card of the text or graphics to form a personalized optical part; Personal data is loaded into the microcontroller and the person data is written to the magnetic stripe. The processing time of the optical individual depends on the required characteristics and cannot be generally defined. Electricity is personalized, depending on the amount of data, usually about 5s to ⒛s time.Smart Card

     Name and card-specific character-based information is implemented by machine, as shown in Figure 2 and Figure 3, where the metal character Fu Chong Head is embossed on the card from the back of the card at a very high speed and with a hammer of considerable force. This is a relatively simple process, but it is noisy and causes vibrations, and the machines described here are usually physically separate from the rest of the processing equipment. The Carrica is used by lasers to darken the area below the thin foil, so that laser engraving devices are often substituted for mechanical convexity, which is also useful for black and white graphics needed on the card body.Smart Card

     The advantage of encrypting encrypted personal data received from the issuer of the card and writing it directly to the smart card is that the individual does not know the secret data in the card and is not likely to exploit it by tapping into the data line.Smart Card

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