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Plastic Card Take You To Know Plastic Studs
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

    The quality of the plastic nail is mainly to see the hardness of the plastic chuck (the tip of the nail can be smoothly inserted into the aluminum foil and polystyrene board), toughness (after inserting the insulating layer, the two pairs of inverted teeth quickly open to achieve maximum tensile strength), low temperature resistance (construction in special environment, transportation will not cause loss) and the mechanical angle of the inverted teeth is reasonable Plastic Card

     The inverted tooth is too short (no change after entering the polystyrene board) too hard (two pits on the insulating layer) or too large (resulting in the reverse of the tooth) on the Shing insulating layer, which increases the usage of the card nail and reduces the construction efficiency.Plastic Card

   The card nail should be folded in the degrees environment roll, twist, impact, pressure will not break, maintain stable fixed performance, at the same time with high hardness and good toughness, so that the nail tip to maintain sharp enough, the builders can easily push the card into the insulation layer, so that the builders use more easily.Plastic Card

    The construction speed is quick, because the proportion is smaller, the weight is light, easy to carry and transportation and so on. Material has the advantage of recycling, large daily output, low cost, high installation efficiency, can save a lot of construction costs and shorten the installation date. Plastic Card

    Easy to use installation, do not need professional technical operator construction. Card nails fixed after installation will not affect the heating coefficient of geothermal pipe, the same is plastic material, surface hardness and thermal expansion coefficient is similar, will not touch the bad plug pipe.Plastic Card

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