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Requirements And Internal Structure Of Smart Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 30, 2017

The financial security payment system is a hardware and software platform specially designed for the application demand in the financial field, realizes the miniaturization, convenient and safe self-service transaction, and can provide the high speed Security service for various applications, solves the various security problems existing in the transmission process of the current transaction information and realizes the security transaction of the financial information.Smart Card 

The network security encryption system based on the embedded system is to ensure that some important data information can be transmitted safely in the process of communication with the bank server.Smart Card The smart card security system consists of 3 parts: Security status, security attributes, and security mechanisms. The security state is the current security level of the smart card, which is the value of the current security status register. Security attributes are also called access rights, that is, what the value of a security state register is required to perform some kind of manipulation. In a broad sense, security mechanism is a kind of security mode supported by card, which is the method and means to realize the transfer of security state in a narrow sense.Smart Card 

A security state is transferred to another State through the above security mechanism, comparing the security state with a security attribute, if consistent, indicates the ability to execute the command corresponding to the property, and if inconsistent, the related command cannot be executed, thus achieving the purpose of security control. This is the basic work principle of smart card security system.Smart Card

It not only has the data storage function, but also has the function of command processing and data protection, so the security is greatly enhanced, which has been widely used to become the mainstream product of smart card. This system uses CPU card, its chip core is ASIC hardware realization, the security degree is very high, conforms to ISO/IEC 7816 smart card standard, conforms to "China Financial integrated Circuit (IC) card specification".Smart Card

Its internal structure, the smart card has the following characteristics: its own physical security mechanism and COS security system provide double security guarantee for CPU card; The CPU card with control system has lower requirements for computer network system, and can realize off-line operation; it can realize the real sense of a card multiple application, each application is independent of each other, and controlled by their respective key management system, storage capacity is large, can provide 1k~64k byte data storage space, long service life, data storage time can be up to l0 years.Smart Card

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