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Smart Card Software Testing Methods
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2017

              Sounds clear, though. However, there is still a need to be clear, the test program does not mean to go to the system search error, but to implement a test procedure with the detection of errors in the testing process, the test is not to debug, because the test is the tester rather than software developers.Smart Card

             As we have repeatedly stressed, smart card microcontroller software is no different than other software, however, they have their own special characteristics, which can be used to a typical operating system of some of the common technical specifications to consider the relevant factors to explain.Smart Card

             In a common chip with 16KB ROM and 8KB, the software takes up about 20KB of storage, leaving 4KB to be used by all applications. Currently, software is usually programmed in assembly language, in our example, there are approximately 30 000 lines of code, about 2 000 times, and if you are printing at 60 lines per page, you might want to fill up 500 sheets of paper, even an experienced programmer will need 9 months to produce ⒛KB assembly code.Smart Card

             This numerical example clearly shows that the smart card operating system is still relatively complex. In addition, this software must be used in areas where security is an almost exclusive factor. That is to say, the only small amount of self test in software development or later does not meet the low level of error. Instead, you need to have an appropriate test strategy.Smart Card

             As in other areas, smart cards tend to be far away from assembly language programming and use advanced programming languages. C language, which is closer to the hardware level, is increasing its application to smart cards. In recent years, the object-oriented Java language is becoming just as important. The application of advanced programming languages for large smart card operating systems exceeding 30KB code is required, not only to reduce the implementation time 9 but also to reduce the number of errors.Smart Card

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