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Smart Card Technology
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 28, 2017

               Smart Card is an integrated circuit card, widely used in finance, identity cards and social security and other fields, it inherits the magnetic card and other IC cards of all the advantages, and has a very high security, confidentiality, anti-counterfeiting capabilities. This book is for three kinds of IC card (memory card, logical encryption card and smart card, RFID tag and magnetic card physical structure, logic characteristics, implementation methods, testing technology and application system, etc. are comprehensively discussed, more detailed introduction of relevant international standards, security and confidentiality system and reading and writing equipment (card reader) and so on.Smart Card

               Because the use of IC card with the characteristics of mobility and global, urgent to achieve openness, the corresponding international standards and national standards are also very important, so the relevant standards in the book occupies a lot of space. At the same time, because the standard is likely to be revised, this book according to the latest standard version of the revision, and enhanced the contactless IC card discussion and supplemented the introduction of RFID tags.Smart Card

                China Institute of Electronic Technology Standardization is the establishment of identification card and RFID technology, the international standard of the focal unit, responsible for the research and development of standards, and the Community wide contact. The standards proposed by the State administration of quality Supervision, inspection and quarantine and the China National Standardization Regulatory Commission approved, issued as a formal national standard. This is also the National IC Card Registration center and the location of testing center, with a wealth of practical experience, these are our revised "Smart card technology" favorable conditions.Smart Card

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