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Status Of Use Of Plastic Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 05, 2017

     Now, almost every adult has a variety of cards. Bank card, bus card, VIP card, membership card, dining card, Shopping card, scorecard ... Nowadays, credit card consumption has become an important part of people's lives, can face so many cards every day, where are the ultimate cards? The investigation of a number of business card printing companies and card issuers, accounting for the old-fashioned estimate, only jinan local residents in the hands of a new card at least more than 30 million a year.Plastic Card

     To shopping malls can use membership card discount, to supermarket shopping can use the bank card, to the beauty salon to have VIP card, to the unit to work to have access control card ... Credit card, has melted into all aspects of urban life, some people purse has more than 10 cards, and even some people have been tired of card, reduced to "card slaves." According to the reporter survey and the industry to provide data, the provincial capital added 3 million cards a month is an old-fashioned estimate, a year at least add 30 million to no title.Plastic Card

    In all cards, the bank card is the most commonly used card item in the public. The reporter learned from China unionpay Shandong Branch, only 2008, the province UnionPay standard debit card added 19.9 million, UnionPay standard credit card added 1.573 million. And the consumption of credit card is also increasing. 2008, Jinan card consumption 27.3 million pen, year-on-year growth of 56.72%.Plastic Card

     And in the flea market, the reporter saw many of the acquisition of waste products of various IC cards and ordinary plastic items stacked together, a collection of waste workers said that these plastic supplies will generally be sent to plastic workshop, processing into PVC plastic materials, and then processed, production into other plastic products or PVC pipe.Plastic Card

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