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The Application Of Diecut Card In Anti - Theft System
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

The tuning fork only resonates when the oscillation frequency is the same. Acusto Magnetic (Acusto Magnetic) is the application of this physical principle, to achieve almost zero false alarm operation, fixed on the product of the sound and magnetic system tags into the detection area of the system, will produce resonance, but only in the receiver to receive To four consecutive resonance signals (once every 1/50 second) before the alarm.Diecut Card

Acoustic magnetic system is characterized by high anti-theft detection rate, almost zero false positives, anti-jamming is good, the protection of the export width of up to 3. 5 meters, there are two kinds of hard and soft security labels, shopping malls for most types of goods can be protected , And can be repeated demagnetization, even in the POS cash register next to the system can still work properly. Sound and magnetic systems include vertical systems, channel systems and concealed systems of different types, there are more than 10 kinds of models to choose from, can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, stores, audio and video stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, can also be used Office buildings and other environments.Diecut Card

The radio system has both soft and hard labels that protect most of the items in the mall. The distance between the two bearings is generally not greater than 0 9 meters, usually used in only one import and export of shopping malls. Radio systems are vertical and channel-type, for the protection of department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets and so on. Electromagnetic wave system label is the smallest, the tag price is also cheap, can repeat the demagnetization, but susceptible to magnetic or metallic material caused by false positives. The protection of the export width is generally around 0.9 meters. The system does not affect magnetic objects (such as tapes, videotapes, magnetic cards).Diecut Card

SplitFrequency is an anti-theft system that uses high-tech crossover technology and ultra low frequency radio wave signals. When the anti-theft tag into the detection area, the label received the transmitter transmission signal, and it is divided into half, and then divided into half of the information sent to the receiver, only when the receiver received half of the signal Issued an alarm, which can effectively avoid the interference of other radio waves.Diecut Card

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