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The Application Of Plastic Card N Modern Development Technology
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

With the rapid development of the material industry, which is light weight, small friction, corrosion-resistant, easy processing of plastic and its metal composite materials by the people's attention.Plastic Card

Plastic products, has penetrated into the daily life of various fields, but also widely used in aviation, shipbuilding, automotive, electrical, packaging, toys, electronics, textiles and other industries. However, due to the injection molding process and other factors, in a considerable part of the complex shape of plastic products can not be a single injection molding, which requires bonding, and the use of plastic bonding and heat treatment process is quite backward, not only inefficient, and bonding Agents also have some toxicity, causing environmental pollution and labor protection and other issues.Plastic Card The traditional process of this technology can not be applied to the development of modern plastics industry needs, so a new plastic processing technology - ultrasonic plastic welding with its efficient, high quality, beautiful, energy saving and other advantages come to the fore. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine in the welding of plastic products, that is, do not fill any adhesive, filler or solvent, do not consume a lot of heat, with easy operation, welding speed, high welding strength, high production efficiency. As a result, ultrasonic welding technology is increasingly widely used.Plastic Card

TCS business in the rigid plastic printing accounted for 60% of total business volume. In 1993, the company was taken over when the turnover of only 340 million lire, the current 20 years of labor value of about 1 billion lire. Diversification of the company's products can not be imagined before. Hard plastic printing is particularly suitable for printing mouse pad, collection card, workbook cover, book chapter back page and travel guide insert and so on. Many of today's designers prefer to use hard plastic prints to make their designs look extraordinary (especially fashion class manuals, etc.).Plastic Card

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