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The Data Base Of The Smart Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Based on the analysis of the key technologies of single application smart card and multi - application smart card, a cross - industry multi - application smart card system model is proposed.Smart Card 

The key technologies and model security of each module are studied. The model is realized by Java Card technology, And the implementation of the assessment, discussed the next step of the research focus. Smart cards can securely store personal information and are easy to carry, and become a key module for identity authentication and authentication services. They are now widely used in different areas and are called passports in the information age.Smart Card

By studying the working principle and characteristics of the smart card, this paper analyzes the shortcomings of the single application card, puts forward a smart card software system model which supports the multi-application application, analyzes the key technology and model security of each module in the model, and implements the Java Card technology , To confirm the feasibility of the model, and finally discussed the next step in the research direction. The smart card application is mainly embodied in the implementation of the corresponding processing logic on the smart card in accordance with the final APDU command, which is used to complete the security authentication, read and write the data on the card and perform the security check.Smart Card

Single application smart card is only with the same type of terminal with a single industry to provide a smart card service. Single application smart card application developed by a single service provider, only for specific APDU command processing logic, only a set of file system to maintain data, with the same set of PIN code and key to ensure the safe reading and writing of file data. Single application card applications and card handling systems are often bundled together with the advantage of being compact, the system is simple, but the card upgrade and increase the APDU processing logic is difficult.Smart Card

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