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The Development Process And Function Of Smart Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 14, 2017

    In China, with the continuous development of the Gold Card project, IC card has been widely used in many fields, and has obtained the initial social and economic benefits. Although the circulation of IC card has maintained a high growth rate, market sales are still small in the IT market. IC card market is not the highlight of China's IT industry, the pull role of it market is not obvious. This aspect restricts the IT enterprise to the IC card technology investment, on the other hand, also indicates China IC card market huge development space.Smart Card

    With the increase of government management and support, the level of technology research and development, the market competition pattern of IC card will be changed profoundly. Because of high-end chips, core modules, financial POS machine, production equipment and other foreign enterprises mastered, resulting in foreign brands to some market segments of the relative monopoly. With the launch of the Government Smart card project, the gradual opening of the mobile communication market, the optimization of domestic enterprises ' technological strength and technological process, the foreign brand market share is restricted by a great degree, and the domestic brand will have a rapid development.Smart Card

    Functionally, the use of smart cards can be classified as Four points: identification-the use of embedded micro-computer systems to calculate data mathematically, to confirm its uniqueness. Payment Tools-Built-in counters (counter) are substituted for data in currencies, bonus points, and so on. Encryption/decryption-the rapid development of the network, the use of E-commerce has also grown significantly, some manufacturers said that the most important network consumption is the authenticity of identity, the integrity of the data, the undeniable and legitimate transactions, by the password mechanism such as DES, RSA, MD5, etc., in addition to increase the security of cards, Offline operations can also be used to reduce communication costs on the network.Smart Card

    Information-due to the popularity of GSM mobile phone, the demand of SIM card is increasing, the technology development of smart card is accelerated, so the function of mobile phone from the original simple telephone function extends to today's online network. The function of its information storage, so that it has a wide range of commercial applications such as:Smart Card

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