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The History Of The Development Of Smart Cards
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

    In China, with the continuous development of gold card construction, IC card has been widely used in many fields, and achieved initial social and economic benefits. In 2000, the national IC card circulation of about 230 million, of which telecommunications accounted for most of the market share. Public telephone IC card more than 120 million, more than 42 million mobile phone SIM card, other types of IC card about 60 million. 2001 IC card total shipments of about 380 million, an increase of 26% over the previous year; circulation of about 320 million, an increase of 40% over the previous year. From the application point of view, the public telephone IC card issued more than 170 million, SIM card issued 55 million, 3.2 million bus IC card, social security field card for the 14 million, the other card for the 80 million.Smart Card

    Although the IC card circulation to maintain a high growth rate, but the market sales in the IT market, the proportion is still small. According to CCID statistics, in 2001 China's computer market sales of about 25.2 billion yuan, while the IC card market sales of less than 2.1 billion. IC card market also can not constitute a bright spot in China IT industry, the pulling effect of the IT market is not obvious. This side constraints IT companies IC card technology investment, on the other hand, also indicates that China's IC card market, a huge space for development. With the government management and support efforts to increase the level of technical research and development to enhance the IC card market competition will undergo profound changes in the pattern. As a result of high-end chips, the core module, financial POS machines, production equipment, and other foreign companies have been grasped, resulting in foreign brands on some of the relative market monopoly. With the government smart card project started, the gradual opening of the mobile communications market, domestic enterprises technical strength and process optimization, making the foreign brand market share by a large degree of restrictions, and domestic brands will have a rapid development. Some from the telecommunications market to grow up the domestic IC card business, relying on strong financial and technical strength, will be in the ID card, finance, social security, transportation and other fields continue to expand their business, directly involved in international competition.

    2002 and the next five years, is the application of China's IC card to the depth of the development period. China's IC card market structure will be disorderly to orderly, the market competition will bound from limited to unlimited, IC card market will gradually mature, into the low-profit era. In this situation, the simple amount of cards and the number of new products can not measure the IC card industry and the level of market development, the extent of market development ultimately depends on the level of IC card application and its social benefits. From the perspective of sustainable  Smart Carddevelopment, to strengthen the industry norms, to promote the IC card business from the product and technology to application and service type, will become China's IC card market, an important trend. In 1970, the French Roland Moreno (Roland Moreno) for the first time can be programmed IC (IntegratedCircuit) chip on the card, so that the card has more features. At that time, his description of this technology is: inlaid with self-protection memory card. This gave birth to the world's first IC card. In the next 30 years, with the ultra-large-scale integrated circuit technology, computer technology and information security technology development, IC card more abundant, more mature technology, has been widely used at home and abroad.Smart Card

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