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The Social Development Course Of Plastic Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2017

     This paper introduces the background knowledge of plastic card chip and electronic tag chip, including related concepts, classification, application, industrial chain structure, industry overview, and international market dynamic analysis of plastic card chip and electronic label chip. Domestic market dynamics analysis, Macroeconomic environment analysis and economic situation on the plastic card chip and electronic label chip industry, plastic card chip and electronic label chip industry national Policy and Planning analysis, plastic card chip and electronic label chip product technical parameters, production technology, product cost structure.Plastic Card
     In addition, with the continuous development of the society, plastic card users of the timely demand for card-issuing services will continue to improve, so banks and other card-issuing institutions in addition to the need to take into account their own large-scale business card printing demand, also need to meet the user's immediate, convenient and personalized needs, instant hairpin will be the bank's traditional focus on the distribution channels of the important supplement and development trend, card issuing sites will extend to bank branch outlets, retail stores, universities and other public service venues. Plastic Card
     Personalized card-issuing equipment will be distributed to the various hairpin points to meet the user's fast and convenient requirements. Instant hairpin is suitable for many kinds of small batch card and personalized card production, but also can meet the bank card change, Emergency repair card needs. Instant hairpin demand will lead to the growth of new, compact architecture-designed desktop personalized devices.Plastic Card
    The traditional plastic card production industry needs a large number of first-line production workers, belonging to labor-intensive industries, its production and manufacturing methods require a large number of human resources, high production costs, personnel management difficult. In recent years, with the decrease of the quantity of labor supply, many factories have appeared "difficult to recruit" situation, many areas have launched a "machine substitution" program, funded by the government to support the local factory production line upgrades, the introduction of robots into the factory, in the improvement of product quality and productivity, while helping enterprises significantly reduce labor costs. In the future, intelligent intelligence of equipment and MES, which is represented by intelligent robot, will be an important trend in the field of equipment products and industrial control technology.Plastic Card

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