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The Type And Design Of Metal Cards
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jun 20, 2017

    Metal card, metal card, metal silver card, metal card, metal card, metal card, metal magnetic card, metal bar code card, metal ink card, metal IC card, 18k gold and silver card 24k gold and silver card, etc. A series of products, the use of precious metal materials - pure copper or copper and 18K, 24K gold surface processing, the multi-channel traditional technology and modern advanced technology from refining. Card is the traditional sense of the use of brass, stainless steel as a leading new technology, with, stamping, corrosion, printing, polishing, electroplating, coloring, Dijiao, packaging and so on flow procedures, after polishing, , Coloring, Dijiao, packaging, and so on the flow of operations from the refined metal card.Metal Card

    Imitation gold card: card color was dim, time slightly longer card surface prone to fade, pan marks and other phenomena. Real gold card is only when the card color golden, a long time also lost real gold color. Electrophoresis Gold: the use of the latest technology, color, such as real gold-like luster, with a unique relief three-dimensional, texture doubled, even more noble metal VIP grade. And can keep the product never fade characteristics. Metal Card The principle is similar to the surface of the metal card coated with a layer of anti-oxidation film to play the role of antioxidant. Integration of modern design ideas, the performance of extreme demeanor. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with the collection, the value of gifts. Can be used for commercial gifts advertising gifts. This gold card is the use of advanced imports of copper, stamping, corrosion, electroplating, painting and other multi-process Seiko made. It has a unique relief three-dimensional and real gold-like color, is the production of high-end VIP, membership card, commemorative card, calendar card of choice material. Various types of electrophoresis with a special color at the end of the series, electrophoresis coloring dot series, gold-plated laser shading series, gold-plated fine dot series, gold-plated matte shading series, fine dot image series, can also provide special design according to customers. In addition, this card is also particularly suitable for the production of commemorative, long possession of the various commemorative cards, such as: wedding, school, opening, conference, retirement and other special commemorative, welcomed the major hotels, hotels, clubs to our company The Metal Card

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