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Types Of Diecut Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 13, 2017

             Wallet Anti-Theft card belongs to the technical field of anti-theft alarm equipment, especially relates to the improvement of the structure of the Wallet anti-theft card. The utility model provides a wallet anti-theft card which can avoid false alarm and has high safety performance. The utility model comprises a power supply module and a light detection module U1, a U1 output port of the optical detection module is connected with an input port of a microcontroller U2, and a single chip computer U2 through a speech synthesis unit and an audio broadcasting unit.Diecut Card

             A mobile phone burglar card used to prevent mobile phone theft and to help the cell phone to be recovered, the card is similar in size and in design to the existing mobile phone SIM. Implementation is: the use of assembly language (or the Java language) to write a monitoring SIM card replacement and proposed card identification requirements for the identity of the Anti-Theft program, and write it into the integrated circuit card, the card to the existing various types of mobile phone to the SIM card interface for the external interface, will be inserted into the mobile phone's original SIM card position and boot, the anti-theft program can be implanted into the mobile phone hardware, so that the card-changing link increased the program to the authentication requirements, thus realizing the mobile phone anti-theft. After a certain number of licensing test or time limit, the program will lock the phone, and on the screen to display the original master's contact and prompt you to contact. The measure is to a large extent conducive to the mobile phone's regained.Diecut Card

             The utility model has the advantages of the light variable cipher wallet anti-theft card, which is composed of the detection part of the ray change, the decoding part, the alarm sound part and the cipher key. The use of micro-electronic components by surface mount technology made of thin card. This card can be placed in the wallet, the key to paste the password on the external side of the wallet, Photodiode Dew in the wallet of the any side to feel the light changes. The use of any a non-forbidden alarm password into the bag. I take the first click to prohibit the alarm code, when it will not occur when the alarm, and others because of the password, out of the pocket light than the bag, so the alarm sound.Diecut Card

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