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Use Range Of Paper Card
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Jul 11, 2017

                  Paper card is a very wide range of use, paper cell phone recharge card is a very good representative. The market on the mobile phone recharge card In addition to providing a password, the plastic card itself is useless, recharge card users are very many, the common mobile phone recharge card is plastic, not easy to degrade, users after use after throwing, will cause a small environmental problems. By contrast, paper cards are not contaminated, is a green card. The national issue of a variety of phone cards, the number of Internet cards are staggering, these made of PVC can not be explained by plastic card, to the community to bring a lot of "years of rubbish." In order to curb the alarming growth rate of this disposable rubbish, some business card printing departments have started to take alternative measures from the angle of environmental protection. This kind of paper recharge card replaces the plastic card, the situation of polluting the environment will be greatly improved by the hundreds of millions of of discarded recharge cards every month. In addition, the paper card is more secure, to avoid scraping the card surface, password theft and the use of unknown deadlines. "Green Recharge Card" also indicated the purchase point and the card time, for the check, will not buy false card, and par.Paper Card

                 Paper phone recharge card fully realized green recharge. Green Recharge is safe and convenient. From the appearance, "Green Recharge card" and the bank card when the password letter received, the middle is a sealed grid of paper, torn open can see a string of passwords, and the general plastic card on the Tin seal password is no different. In addition, "Green Recharge card" above also printed on the purchase point and card time, in case the check, some shops can even print out the 500 yuan of the top-up denomination.

                As for the security of paper phone recharge card, users through the machine "dial-up access to the Internet", connect to provide data of the company terminal, and then get the card number and password, printing into a sealed paper card, all the process is very safe paper environment will become a trend mobile phone recharge card is only now on the market a variety of telecommunications cards.Paper Card


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