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Wide Application Of Metal Card Materials
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

     Metal materials are usually divided into ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and special metal materials. Ferrous metal also known as steel materials, including iron more than 90% of the industrial pure iron, carbon-containing $number cast iron, carbon steel containing less than 2%, as well as a variety of uses of structural steel, stainless steel, heat-resisting metal, high-temperature alloy, precision alloy and so on. Metal Card

     The generalized ferrous metal also includes chromium, manganese and its alloys. Nonferrous metals refer to all metals and their alloys except iron, chromium and manganese, usually divided into light metals, heavy metals, precious metals, semi metals, rare metals and rare earth metals, and the strength and hardness of nonferrous alloys are generally higher than pure metals, and the resistance is large and the resistance temperature coefficient is small.Metal Card

    Special metal materials include structural metallic materials and functional metal materials of different uses. There are amorphous metal materials obtained through the rapid condensation process, as well as quasi-crystalline, microcrystalline, nanocrystalline metal materials, and stealth, hydrogen-resistant, superconducting, shape memory, wear-resisting, vibration damping and other special functional alloys and metal matrix composites.Metal Card

    The design idea of magnetic stripe card is a combination of modern design thought, expressing extreme demeanor. Extraordinary creativity, noble and elegant, with collections, gifts value. Can be used for business gifts, such as gift ads. This kind of Gold Card department selects the high-grade import copper material, after stamping, the corrosion, the electroplating, fills the paint and so on many processes Seiko made. It has a unique relief of three-dimensional and true gold-like color, is the production of high-end VIP cards, membership cards, commemorative card, Calendar card of the first choice of materials.Metal Card

    Imitation metal etching printing process can produce a special visual effect, is through the substrate mirror surface in the light and printed with transparent or translucent etching rough surface of the diffuse reflection to form a strong contrast between the implementation. Imitation metal etching printing process through the use of UV wrinkle, UV ice, UV crystal, UV refraction and other imitation metal etching ink printing, so that the printing surface has a rich level of printing, exquisite pattern, print surface drying speed, ink film wear-resistant characteristics. Metal Card

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