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Wide Application Of Smart Card Platform
Colourmax Printing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 25, 2017

     Smart card has gone into the ordinary people's home, the second generation of identity cards, mobile phone SIM card, municipal bus card, social Security cards, electronic passports, USB and other smart cards have been widely used, but smart cards containing private information or account assets are increasingly security threats.Smart Card

     On the basis of introducing the principle of smart card, focusing on the security content of smart card, this paper describes the security attack, security target, security algorithm, security mechanism and safety specification, and then introduces the design of smart card system, including low-level design, application design and so on, finally gives the trend of future development of smart card. "Smart card security and design" with a large number of research and development examples.Smart Card

     In the design time of the card, we can use the chip to protect important data, usually need to use machine equipment to read, such as a leisurely card sensor chip, or health card contact chip, can not be identified with the naked eye, the confidentiality of the chip in the function, has been proved to be unable to crack, its key is not the difficulty of coding, It's a hardware feature.Smart Card

     It has the ability to guess the wrong password, which is self locking, even the manufacturers are powerless, we use the mobile phone chip, if forget the password, and guess the wrong three times, then you will get a new chip, because the chip has locked itself can not be undone, also because of this layer of mechanism, so that the crack becomes impossible, coupled with the encryption system, Let the data read and write, even if the side record, each decoding keyword is different, so difficult, enough to let the outlaws, even try not to try.Smart Card

    The last anti-counterfeiting function is also the most important function, is the outer protective film, it is the use of hot stamping on the front of the card, although it is most vulnerable to contact, but also the most anti-counterfeiting measures, first, in order to avoid being torn off the whole piece, this layer of protection will add a tear-proof secant, if it is torn down will be divided into two halves, can no longer be used, Because it is a hot-ironing method, when torn off, it will be destroyed with some of the coating on the card, like a torn sticker.Smart Card

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